Cessna C208


The Cessna 208B Caravan was designed at the outset to be simple, rugged and reliable.

For Wilderness Air, the Caravan has proven to be the best passenger-carrying ‘bush’ aircraft in our fleet for sectors from 20 to 300 km, although the high degree of passenger comfort it provides means that it is also on occasion used on sectors up to 1 000 km.

Large wheels, a very efficient wing and a powerful engine enable the C208B to operate from almost all the bush airstrips we service, while the spacious air-conditioned cabin and unrestricted views make the Caravan popular with passengers. The full-length underslung cargo pod gives the Caravan a very generous luggage carrying capacity.


Engine Type: Single turboprop engine
Pressurised Cabin: No
Cruising Altitude: 12 000ft.
Pax: 12 passenger seats - maximum
Speed: 260km/h
Crew: 1