Famed for its vast open landscapes, and almost infinite skies, Namibia is the fifth largest country in Africa with an area of some 824 292 square kilometres. This visually arresting country has two great deserts: the red sand sea of the Namib running the length of Namibia’s Atlantic coastline, and the arid Kalahari in the eastern interior. The open plains and rugged mountains of the Central Plateau separate the two, and add to the sense of scale and space.

Namibia is home to Wilderness Air’s second biggest operation, servicing over 11 camps and moving approximately 14 000 passengers per annum. The sheer size of the country makes air travel the most effective way to get around – an average sector in Namibia is some 300 kilometres long.

The net effect is that while Wilderness Air Namibia carriers fewer passengers than Botswana, they all fly further than the average passenger in Botswana.

Daily operations are scheduled from our base in Windhoek, and we have now adopted a daily flying circuit aimed at minimising our overall carbon emissions